Looking for Charities in Australia 

I’m currently planning a one month trip to Australia. I want this trip to help me discover my purpose on this Earth. It should be an odyssey of self discovery. I also want to help out local charities. This is the main reason for this post. I need your help. 

Do you know of any charities that I can assist with while visiting. I would love to get the chance to assist people in need while in return, they assist me by giving me purpose. Please do leave the links or names of any charities you know of in the comments section. Have a blessed day 



The Beauty of Silence 

It’s currently 12:33 am and it’s so quiet in my living room; the only audible sound is a faint buzzing noise. It’s the sound of the appliances running and life continuing as everyone around is in a deep slumber. Silence is almost always the key to feeling calm. 

In the midst of my sometimes crazy schedule and never ending to do list, I always allow myself to retrieve back into a quiet place (my safe place) and bask in the comfort of not having to meet anyone’s expectations and where my only worry is to just be me. It’s a profound occurrence, when I enter into this state, it reengergizes me back to a fully charged human. 

Silence is peaceful, silence is key.  


LA Odyseey 

Last Saturday, my best friend came to visit me from Northern California. Considering that we both originate from NorCal, we divised a plan to hit the most well known places in Los Angeles. 

The first stop on our list was The Grove. As we ventured into the deeper parts of LA, we realized that Los Angles was a blend of the luxurious and the unrefined. When we arrived at The Grove we quickly realized how common parking complexes are and also how much of an unnecessary hassel they are. The Grove however, was a gorgeous place. It was the epitome of the SoCal lifestyle. Every corner we turned, walked another well dressed and uncannyily attractive person. After about 2 hours, we decided to travel to our next destination, Beverley Hills. 

“Beverley Hills that’s where I want to be,” was the song of choice for this portion of our trip. We drove through the beautiful neighborhoods of the rich and maybe even famous. Rodeo drive is a well known street in Beverly Hills and the main reason for our presence and we weren’t really sure of what to expect. It was actually one of the most chaotic places I have ever drove in, but in a way, it was so exhilarating. We stopped at an overly priced candy shop and I was almosted tempted to by chocolate peanuts primarily for the novelty aspect of it, the packaging was also pretty cute. After getting back to the car, our last stop on our trip was LACMA.

The Los Angeles County Musuem Of Art was an incredible place, well the outside of it was (we didn’t go in). The LACMA was a must see solely for the Urban Lights. We found a nice and secluded parking lot were we summoned up the courage to participate in the beanboozled challenge. If in fact you ever do this, be warned that the assortment of dog food and vomit are accurately flavored, weird. We waited for about two hours to utilize the premium light to night ratio. Before arriving at these becautiful light poles, we stopped in Hancock to climb a bear statue, it was defiantly worth it. The majority of our trip was spent taking awkward pictures at the lights. After getting told off a couple of times climbing the poles, we finally caught the hint. We were in a sea of tourists and locals and couldn’t have felt more at home. 

After a scary walk to back to the car, we made our way to the 101.  Our day had come to an end and we were so fortunate of had the opportunity to gallivant around Los Angeles. 


I Went To Jimmy Kimmel Live 

This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of going to the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! I so was incredibly excited and I wasn’t too sure on what to expect. I have had the chance to be on a movie entertainment show, but never to the millions of view caliber. 

Upon arriving, many questions went through my mind: how is Jimmy going to act off camera, who are the guests, what will his staff be doing? I was eager to find the answers. 

Once we arrived in Hollywood, the big dilemma was, where the heck is the Highland and Hollywood parking complex?! The iota tickets specifically recommended this parking garage so we can get validated, so I was determined to find it. After asking about 4 people, only 1 gave us the actually directions. It turns out that it was directly across the street, but we needed to go down the crossing street in order to get in. 

The waiting process wasn’t that bad. I know that waiting isn’t something Americans are too fond of, but the wacky street entertainment kept me occupied. 

Since we had the parking debacle, we were a little late to say the least… We were 5th to last, actually. After about an hour of waiting, we were in the front of the line. Luckily, there were enough sits for us. 

I noticed the moment we got to the studio, the young interns staring at me, a compliment I’m sure, but it made me a little self-continuous. 

It was 35 minutes before filming and I was pumped, we were seated in the far back corner, but since the set was so small, we had a perfect view of the stage. 

Next came the warm up and he was a rambunctious guy. He was boisterous and… Well a tad obnoxious.  

The monitors came on, another crew member stepped to the stage and announced that we were about to start. After the introduction, there before my eyes was Mr Jimmy Kimmel (he is so much skinnier in person)! 

It was fascinating to me that everything he did was so natural for him. He just went straight into his monologue and didn’t miss a beat. He is a funny guy, that one.

Commercial break rolled around and I was expecting a dynamic persona to pour out of this thin framed man and to my surprise, nothing. He did not engage the audience and didn’t seem too thrilled about our presence. I thought maybe he was just preoccupied.

 The next segment I remember most was his interview with Vince Vaughn, he had just got his hand and foot prints in the Chinese theatre, which was cool, but there conversation seemed unauthentic. It was more like two actors performing. I had a preconceived notion that it was all a naturally occurring interview.

All in all, my experience at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio was very informative. I leaned a lot about how misleading television can be. I did however enjoy the production of it, all very fascinating. 

~from the changed perspective 

What was something you have experienced that was differenct from a preconceived notion? Let me know 


Beautifully Flawed 

Why do girls feel the need to pretend that they are perfect? I am a person who realizes that I will never be a size 0, I can’t grow 2 more inches, and my hair refuses to corporate most of the time. I am human and I accept my flaws. 

I also have come to the conclusion that in all of this, I obtain a special, unique kind of beauty. I am beautiful because I have a giving heart, I am compassionate, I am sympathetic, and I learn from my mistakes. 

God has equipped each one of us with incredible talents and gifts that we are so fortunate to have. We are all human and we should encourage each other to be the best “us”, we can be. 

~from the real me