Brain Farts 

I’ve spent the pass hour trying to think of an engaging topic to blog about and my brain is just mush. I started a post discussing the reason why summer is such a popular season to why leather coaches are a bad idea. It’s literally embarrassing how I was trying to convince the people of WordPress to read that mix of randomness and inferiority. 

The reason why I was so keen on posting an entry is, I want to challenge myself and post everyday. I feel as though this exercise will strengthen my skills as a writer and prompt my creative juices. I’m a self motivated individual and this blog is extremely important to me, therefore, it is my responsibility to grow this creative space into something I can be proud of. 

~xo Val Gal 



The Solo Traveler 

The experience of traveling alone, to a destination, is nearly indescribable. 

When traveling alone, you are solely dependent on your intuition and instincts to get you from point A to point B, how liberating. 

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel alone, I’m able to experience the journey with unadulterated eyes. I am more aware, more appreciative of the environment that surrounds me. 

If you are even able to travel alone once, I encourage you to take the leap of faith.  Just go! 

~aspiring nomad