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Superbloom in California


It is the middle of spring and California is blooming. A few months back, I ventured to Lake Elsinore to see what all of the hype was about with these wildflowers, particularly the eye-catching poppy flowers, and why there were the talk of the town. After all, they are just flowers, right?

After doing some research via the inter webs, I soon found out the flowers had bloomed due to the unusual rainy season we had been experiencing. We had been in a drought for seven years and these beautiful flowers signified the end of the dry winters and even dryer summers. As I was walking up the side of the hill to witness this rare event for myself,  I started to think about my own “superbloom” and the trials I had to endure in order to get to the place I was at. A place of serenity and self-acceptance.

Like the flowers, I had been stuck in conditions that prevented me from reaching my full potential. I was hindered and bonded by toxic roots.

Towards the beginning of the year, I had experienced so much change that effected me in a negative way. I was heartbroken, confused, and searching for a new place where I could fit in. I was going through a dry spell in my life and it had pruned me of all of my beautiful leaves, my color was stripped to grey.

Breakups are complicated and messy, changing jobs is scary and uncertain, and cutting out toxic people is never an easy feat.

Standing amongst the poppy flowers in their mystical field felt surreal.

I had reached a destination that made it easier to think with a clear mind and use my imagination to propel my dreams into new and elevated places.

I have come to realized that it takes truly taxing seasons in life to fully appreciate ones life and in those seasons one is able to discover who they truly are.

I get what all the hype is about now.

I too have come out of the drought and I stand tall through adversity, displaying my bright colors and soft petals proudly.


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Finding Joy 

The responsibilities of our everyday lives can sometimes cloud our joy. We become so fixated on our jobs, school work, social lives, ect that we neglect the simple things in life. When was the last time you thought to yourself “thank God that I am healthy” or “I am so blessed to have an incredible support system”? Materialistic things are nice, but they aren’t everything and the joy they bring you does not last forever. Being a successful business person is an amazing accomplishment, but there is more to life than that corner office. God is everywhere and in everything. It’s time to put down your phone (after reading this of course) and set aside the laptop and just enjoy the simple, little treasures in your life. Work hard, but love harder. I challenge you to rediscover your joy. 

Today, I rediscovered my joy by taking a car ride with my mom and sister