Reconnecting With The Natural You

The future is so uncertain, but I believe that if you put your faith in God and set and achieve goals, your dreams will come to pass.

I find that when I immerse myself in nature, I reconnect with my dreams, my senses and passions are intensified. I’m also the most happy when I’m laying in the sands of my favorite beach, looking out into the vast oceans ahead. The beach, like many other of God’s beautiful creations, allows me to look into the deepest parts of my being. Thus, resulting in a renewed confidence in which I know that I can achieve anything.

Set outside today in search of nature. I dare you to gaze out into beautiful pastures, go swimming in your local swampy, lake. By reintroducing yourself with nature, you’ll soon realize that you are gaining a renewed sense of self.

~Hippie in training